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UBS | University in Banja Luka

About Us

The University of Business Studies (UPS) is a young academic institution established in 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska (Act no.06-01-232-2/06 30. 1. 2006. ). The University’s basic purpose is to introduce modern facilities and programs into the domain of higher education, in the following fields of study: Economics, Information Technology and Design, Ecology, Journalism, Communications and Law. This is accomplished by modern methods of  teaching process directly aimed at obtaining high-quality scientific knowledge and skills by providing students with training for work.

Organizational units of the University aim to educate the staff that now makes the dominant part of the three key scientific areas, namely:


  • Social Sciences;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • Technical Sciences. 


From February to October, 2007, the University of Business Studies in Banja Luka diligently worked towards obtaining a license. On August 15th 2007 our University was issued a ruling stating we had fulfilled all the requirements needed for work, by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, (Act no. 07.4-3664-23-3/07 15. 8. 2007) for six study programs:


  • Management and Marketing;
  • EU Law;
  • Business and Financial Studies;
  • Journalism and Communication;
  • Information Technology and Design;
  • Ecology. 


The University has eight organizational units:


  • Faculty of Business and Financial Studies;
  • Faculty of Applied Economics;
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Design;
  • Faculty of Ecology;
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management;
  • Faculty of Journalism and Communication;
  • Faculty of Legal Sciences
  • SR Institute. 


Also, the University has licensed programs for teaching outside its headquarter, in East Sarajevo and Bijeljina.

The vision of the University of Business Studies is to have a leading position in the field of higher education on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Southeast Europe, by building a knowledgeable society, educating people by making them better and more prepared for the world they live in!

The mission of the University of Business Studies is to provide its students with the highest quality of education based on the achievements of modern science and technology in correlation with the European system of education and the international transfer of knowledge.


UPS, through modern and licensed programs of study, provides students with the ability to acquire professional and useful theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for successful work in every field of practice so that they can become a priceless resource in the development of the economy and society.

Through continuous training and scientific research our academic community strengthens innovation, mastering and spreading new knowledge by serving the national, as well as the interests of the wider social community, contributing to the economic progress of society and the competitiveness of the economy.


The implementation of new knowledge and skills through academic programs of the University of Business Studies aims to accomplish the mission and vision of this institution of higher education. The primary goal of the University is constant expansion and application of knowledge based on the achievements of modern science.

It should be emphasized that the development of the University of Business Studies is focused, not only on the application of the content of knowledge, but also on the strengthening of scientific research. Development goals of the University are accomplished through permanent connectivity between scientific research and educational functions.


The objectives of the University are achieved through:


  • Business and Financial Studies;
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance;
  • Management and Marketing;
  • Management and Marketing of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises;
  • Ecology;
  • Journalism and Communication;
  • Tourism and Hotel Management;
  • Legal Science;
  • European Union Law;
  • Information Technology and Design;
  • Graphic design, Computer and Information Technology of the basic academic studies.


In the second cycle of education, the goals are achieved through:


  • Management and Marketing of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and
  • Financial, Bank and Stock Exchange Management. 


Study programs are designed to mirror the leading European higher education institutions. These programs include European ECTS scoring, internationally designed specific science areas and a consortium of domestic and foreign professors.