Our faculty is committed to providing high quality education in the field of Ecology and Environmental Protection. The study program of ecology at the University of Business Studies belongs to the field of Natural Sciences, which raises this study to a higher level when it comes to science. We strive to develop awareness of the importance of Ecology, contribute to science and apply knowledge in the immediate environment.

In accordance with the directives of the European Union in this field, our graduates will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in various sectors, including manufacturing activities, trade of goods and services, laboratory controls, as well as in the direct work of inspection services. We believe that practical experience is key to understanding environmental principles and the challenges we face today.

Teaching at the Faculty of Ecology takes place in two study cycles - undergraduate and master studies. Through these study cycles, we provide students with comprehensive academic knowledge and skills needed to understand, analyze and solve complex environmental problems. Our qualified and engaged teaching staff is there to support students and ensure that they receive the best possible education.

Studying in the Faculty of Ecology provides students with a wide range of opportunities for future careers. The knowledge they acquire at our faculty allows them to adapt to different sectors, such as Industry, Energy, Water Management, nature protection, consulting firms, public administration and many others. Ecology is one of the most important areas in today's society, and studying at our faculty is extremely important for Nature Conservation and creating a sustainable future.

If you want to contribute to the protection of our planet, College of ecology is the right place for you. Choose us and give yourself a unique opportunity to explore, learn and contribute to nature conservation on a global scale.

Acting Dean

Prof. Dr Radovan Klintsov