Mastering the Future: master's program Information Technology.

Your path to creative excellence.


Faculty of Information Technology and Design

Our IT Master's program is an opportunity to delve deeper into the digital era.

You will study advanced concepts such as cryptography, artificial intelligence, and software system development. Here we do not stop at the surface - we are developing experts capable of shaping the future of the digital revolution.

Our program brings serious benefits - leading companies are looking for you. You will become architects of digital worlds, thereby contributing to both technological innovation and the economy. Your area of expertise is key to any industry that wants to survive in the increasingly dynamic 21st century. century.

Upon completion, endless possibilities open up. You become an IT industry leader, researcher, or entrepreneur who is transforming the market. The Master's program in Information Technology is not just education, it is an opportunity to shape the future. Get ready for serious knowledge and advanced opportunities - your digital career starts here.

The Master of Design program is dedicated to creating creative leaders. You will study the most advanced concepts in the world of design, opening the door to innovation in graphic, industrial and interactive design.

This program is not just education; it is an opportunity to turn your passion for design into creative excellence. Your creativity will be freely expressed as you explore new horizons in design.

Through this program, you become a visionary who shapes the future of design. Your contribution to the arts and industry becomes an inspiration for innovation. After completion, endless possibilities open up in the world of design. You become a leader, transforming and inspiring others. Your creative genius becomes the key to an outstanding career in design. Your journey to creative excellence begins here.