Challenge, knowledge and Opportunities: master's programme in tourism and hotel management.

Knowledge that opens the doors of the world!

The master of tourism program offers a deeper understanding of this dynamic industry. Through this program, you will explore advanced concepts such as Destination Management, Sustainable Tourism, and innovation in tourism management. With your advanced knowledge of Tourism, you create opportunities for yourself in the global tourism industry. You become an expert in the development of destinations, management of tourism companies, or even consulting in the field of the economic sector and government institutions.

Your contribution is crucial for the sustainable development of Tourism and the improvement of destinations around the world. The master of tourism program is not only an improvement of your knowledge, but also an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Tourism and create a positive impact on the commercialization of destinations. Challenging, advanced, and full of opportunities, the master of tourism program is a path to a career that will put you in leading positions in this global industry. Get ready for serious challenges and extraordinary opportunities - the master tourism program is your ideal destination.

The Master programme in hospitality, with a focus on hospitality, restaurant and gastronomy, provides serious advanced knowledge for those who want to dominate the world of hospitality.

You study a wide range of key aspects:

  • Hotel management: understanding hotel management strategies;
  • Restoration: development and management of hospitality businesses;
  • Gastronomy: high culinary arts and innovative concepts of hospitality.

With the best professors and guest lecturers from the industry, you gain practical experience through cooperation with leading hotels and restaurants in the country and abroad. In addition, you have access to the latest technologies and trends in these key industries.

Upon completion of the program, you will open highly paid positions in hotels, restaurants, consulting and food and beverage management. You will become leaders shaping the future of hospitality, and many of our masters have established their own successful hospitality businesses around the world.

Join us and become famous in the world of hospitality!