Leading scientific research institutions that will improve overall socio-economic development through scientific research in the field of Social Sciences

The scientific research institute is the organizational unit of the University for business studies established with the aim of improving and developing the scientific research work and youth of the University in the field of Social Sciences. Also, our goal is to involve teachers, assistants, associates and students (especially from the second and third cycle) in the realization of scientific, professional and other projects in order to improve the teaching and scientific process.


The scientific research institute will become the leading scientific research institution that will improve the overall socio-economic development of the Republic of Srpska through scientific research work in the field of Social Sciences.


The mission of the Institute is to encourage and implement special scientific projects and scientific papers in the field of social sciences, academic research in order to develop individuals, but also the overall environment, by improving the scientific staff, as well as raising the quality of the teaching process.


The primary goal of the Institute is the development of Science and education in the scientific field of Social Sciences with an emphasis on a multi-and interdisciplinary approach. This approach will enable economic research, which is at the core of the Institute's activities, to be linked to other relevant aspects of research, such as social, technological, organizational, political, institutional and cultural.

The realization of this goal of the University contributes to the development of Science and technology through the expansion of the General Knowledge Fund as well as the preservation and increase of the overall scientific research potentials of the country (scientific staff and scientific research infrastructure), establishment of international scientific cooperation, raising the general level of knowledge in the economy and society and opening opportunities for staff for training through the scientific research component of the university.

Scientific research activity as a systematic creative work undertaken in order to discover new knowledge, is at the same time an activity of special importance for the overall development of the Republic of Srpska and is reflected in the:

  • promoting economic development and overall social development,
  • faster integration into the world's scientific, economic, social and cultural trends,
  • focusing society on innovation and creating an environment for inclusion in the European Research area and
  • knowledge in all areas of social life.


The scientific research activity of the Institute takes place through the following activities:

  • research programs (basic, rgімјепјепа and Developmental Research in the field of biological and Social Sciences),
  • programs to encourage scientific research work in the function of development, innovation, technological, regional and overall social development,
  • international cooperation programs,
  • inclusion in related international scientific institutions and associations,
  • training programs for young people for scientific research and training in this field,
  • inclusion in special scientific literature programs,
  • programs of national and international scientific and professional meetings,
  • scientific publications and journals.,
  • programs for the purchase of equipment for scientific research and
  • programs for the needs of other interested associations and institutions of the system.