The experience of our colleagues who have participated in the International Cooperation Program in previous years is exceptional.

In work The Center for international cooperation professors and associates from the University of business studies, as well as professors from partner higher education institutions, participate.

The Center for international cooperation:

  1. Prof. Dr. Marija Knežević, President
  2. Prof. Dr Valentina Duvnjak, member
  3. Prof. Mr. Radenko Milak, member
  4. Gorana Ristić, Student Representative, member

This is a very important part of Education. Our students have the opportunity to get to know countries and companies where they can develop and improve their current knowledge. prof. Dr Valentina Duvnjak.

We are pleased to host our many associates, professors, institutions and their students who work with us on significant projects. prof. Dr Marija Knežević.