With an interactive method of education, law students acquire the practical skills necessary for a future profession

The legal clinic (Law clinic, law school clinic) is a legal education program that provides direct legal experience to law school students while also serving various clients who need to provide free legal advice. Legal clinics most often act on a “pro bono” principle in certain legal matters, thus providing free legal advice.

The law clinic is an interactive method of educating law students. Students thus acquire the practical skills they will need in order to perform their future profession competently, conscientiously and with high professional morals.

In addition to educating law students, which is a priority goal, legal clinics also have a very important social role. Namely, in every society there is a smaller or larger part of the population who cannot provide themselves with a lawyer, i.e. adequate legal assistance in solving various problems. Legal clinics that work with real clients take on cooperation and providing legal advice to such persons, and at the same time provide clients with whom their students will work, with the supervision of professors.

Clinical legal education has two purposes:

  1. Practical skills and Professional Responsibility acquired by students with the possibility to apply the right to live people in real life situations
  2. Free legal advice for the poor. for people at risk of social exclusion.

Legal advice is provided by students who have completed special training at a legal clinic with experienced professors and lawyers. 

Within the Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Legal Sciences, University of Business Studies Banja Luka, the following activities are implemented:

  1. Simulation trials;
  2. Lectures: interactive discussion of current issues;
  3. Practical teaching: a lecture by a legal practice expert.