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The accounting clinic is a special program of the University for business studies, designed to provide students of economics with immediate experience in the field of accounting. This innovative program also serves the community by providing accounting
provide advice to clients who are facing financial challenges. Similar to a legal clinic, the accounting clinic operates on the principle of "pro bono" for students of our university, providing free training in this program.

The accounting clinic of the University of Business Studies Banja Luka provides students with valuable experience in the field of accounting. This program is based on cooperation between students, professors and practice experts, with the aim of providing quality education and benefits to the wider community.

  • The goal of the accounting clinic is two-tiered. First, it provides economics students with the opportunity to acquire practical accounting skills that will be crucial in their future careers. Through this interactive education, students are prepared to be competent in all areas of accounting with high professional standards.
  • In addition, the accounting clinic also plays an important social role. There are individuals and organizations in the society that need professional accounting assistance, therefore the accounting clinic takes responsibility for providing advice and training services to these clients, helping them solve their financial challenges.

Activities within the accounting clinic of the University of Business Studies Banja Luka include:

  • Interactive lectures: discussions on current issues in the field of accounting encourage the exchange of opinions and deepen the understanding of topics.
  • Practical classes: students have the opportunity to attend lectures by experts in the field of accounting, which further prepares them for their future career.