Prof. Dr Mirjana Delić-Jović
vice-rector for teaching University of Business Studies

The University of business studies with all its organizational units, since its establishment until today, has gone through various development stages, in terms of innovation of study programs, adaptation of competencies, learning outcomes and titles of graduates to the modern educational system, legal acts and labor market, as well as the development of dual education. In terms of organizational and staff structure of teaching staff, with each new academic year, a positive trend was recorded in terms of advancement of employees through training, cooperation with other scientific and higher education institutions, and scientific research work in the country and abroad. Thus, Today, the University of Business Studies is detected as a higher education institution of modern times, which continues its development path through continuous certificates of quality of work, through regular re-accreditation and compliance with European standards in the field of higher education, in three cycles of academic studies. Our goal is to continuously innovate, in accordance with examples of good practice from the environment and European countries. In addition to the formal part of the teaching process, holding thematic lectures, workshops for students, study visits and encouraging research work are some of the regular activities, which we want to contribute to the development of special skills and competencies of our students. If education is a prerequisite for progress, we want to confirm this hypothesis with our students and teachers.