The Faculty of Tourism and hotel management with its four majors: tourism, hotel management, gastronomy and restaurateur, as the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina with academically specialized study programs through years of development, has gained an image of recognition. Since its establishment until today, in addition to improving the formal part of the teaching process, the goal was to raise the practical part of teaching to the highest level, respecting European standards in this field. 

Today, it can be said that the initial goals have been fulfilled in terms of the representation of practical work of students, and the Faculty is turning to the following goals, such as the involvement of students in research work, in project activities and programs of acquiring additional skills, recognizing all of the above as extremely important for future professional achievements of our students.

Through two levels of academic studies (cycle I and II), and over time, we have acquired an Alumni group of graduate students, who are today our ambassadors in the countries of the region, European countries, but also beyond, which is certainly the joint success of our teachers, associates and students. In support of the previous one is the fact that "tourism knows no borders", and thus the Faculty of Tourism and hotel management can rightly be called the study of modern times and the modern labor market.

Considering that Bosnia and Herzegovina has not yet fully used its tourism potentials, and as the development of this important economic branch in the future is foreseen, our faculty is ready to welcome new generations of students, who, we are sure, will contribute to the aforementioned development in our country, and previous experiences speak even more widely.

Dear students, you are invited to develop and improve together!


Prof. Dr Mirjana Delić-Jović