International cooperation

Centre for international cooperation

The Center for International Cooperation is made up of the staff and associates of the University of Business Studies as well as professors from partner higher education institutions.

It is run by Milena Mićić, MA, Prof. Valentina Duvnjak, PhD and Prof. Zoran Babić, PhD.

“We have developed forms of international cooperation through European and other international projects, bilateral agreements and cooperation agreements”, said Milena Micic.

“This is a very important segment in education. Our students have the opportunity to get to know countries and companies in which they can develop and improve their knowledge.” said Prof. Valentina Duvnjak, PhD.

“We are also happy that we host many of our partner associates, professors, institutions and their students who work with us on important projects,” adds Prof. Zoran Babić, PhD.


Vlatka Đurašinović graduated from the Faculty of Ecology at the University of Business Studies. After completing the first cycle her studies, she visited Poland to aid her professional development.

“I spent three months in Krakow, and I went through professional practice at the University of Science and Technology in the Department of Ecology. I improved my English and learned the basics of Polish.” She added that there were teaching associates from Spain and Africa, and that she also learnt about their cultures and customs.

“Field work took place on lakes in the region around Krakow and thus I was introduced to the flora and fauna of the area. We performed water sampling at these sites and then tested the samples in the laboratories at the University “, who worked with her colleagues on researching certain ecological problems and finding possible solutions.

“This experience was the perfect combination of theory and practice. I acquired technical skills that are essential for my profession. At the same time, I improved the skills I already had; cooperation in the team environment and positive approach to problems. I am grateful for this opportunity because I built friendships with people from different parts of the world.”. She concludes that such practices are ideal for every student..



Jovana Stanojevic is a fourth year student in the Faculty of Law at the University of Business Studies. She has travelled to the United States twice so far.

“I have been participating in a cultural exchange program for students, organized and sponsored by the US State Department,” said Jovana, adding that during her first stay, her location was the state of New Hampshire and the second time she was based in Massachusetts.

“I have been doing various seasonal jobs in the field of tourism and hospitality and I hope to go back again for a third time this summer”.

Jovana enjoyed wonderful experiences in the US: improving her English, making new friends and great memories of working with over 300 students from 25 countries.

However, living independently was the skill that Jovana found the most valuable.

“This was an opportunity to live alone for the first time, earning money for accommodation and food, and through my experience I got to know myself, changed my views on life, and I can freely say that I have grown and matured.” Jovana doesn’t hesitate to invite all students to join these and similar activities to travel and exchange.

“In addition to new friendships, this is a great opportunity to get to know other cultures. All who have participated in any form of international exchange find it easier to work with diversity, which allows them to become more flexible making it faster and easier to navigate through various life situations.”

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