When we first founded the University of Business Studies (UPS) in 2006, we were led by the vision to create a knowledgeable society by providing young people with the knowledge and skills to better understand and change the world around them. Guided by the Bologna principles and the latest trends in science and education, we have developed a modern curriculum, which, with the dedication and work of professional and respected professors of our university, opens new horizons to the students empowering them to independently manage their careers.

The focus of the University of Business Studies is a student, an individual. The overall UPS system of education and learning is directed towards you; with the desire of wanting to develop your potential and making you become productive and successful members of society.

Our results show that we are on a good track, and we, as a young university, are extremely proud of this. Our biggest success is the fact that the UPS graduates have a clear role in the labor market and are leaders in their business environments. We are equally proud of our students who have developed an entrepreneurial spirit and who have started their own businesses, as well as our graduates who are part of a team of a large number of government institutions. By enrolling the UPS you become part of the family in which you have the support of professional staff, assistants and professors. Through interactive teaching, they study along with you, nurturing direct relation that will be helpful to you in overcoming the challenges of higher education and use your talent.

By choosing one of the faculties at the University of Business Studies, you choose the secure future. Modern and licensed curriculums are designed with reference to the leading European universities. Furthermore, we signed agreements on cooperation with many of these universities.

Upon graduation, you will be an individual offering modern, practical and applicable professional knowledge and skills to successfully manage in a business environment. Studying at the UPS will lead to the development of your communicational skills, analytical thinking and problem solving skills. You will learn about your own strengths and to improve your weaknesses. You will be well informed and be introduced to the right people.

Those are the key outcomes of education—young people who are ready for the future, who will, with the quality of their work, creativity and involvement in global trends, influence the development of our society and economy. The UPS believes in your potential and creativity, and every new idea is a joy to us. We will support you in the challenges that are before you.


Prof. Radovan Klincov, PhD

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