Prof. Dr Biljana Rađenović Kozić
rector of the University of Business Studies

Welcome to the University of business!

The University of Business Studies is a higher education institution, which in many ways stood out from the others and took a high position in the higher education system. The very fact that we were the first accredited university, that in the second accreditation we were the first private university entered in the Register of accredited higher education institutions and that we are already in the process of the second re-accreditation clearly shows that we belong to the group of those universities that set quality standards in education and guarantee the safety of students, employees and partners. Since its inception, we have believed that a private university can become a synonym for quality, stability and security. That's what we've been working on before. We continue to work on that path. The study programs of the University for business studies are aligned to the requirements of modern science, but also to the requirements of practice. As a university Institution of higher education, we do not want to deviate from science as the base of the university, but we also strive to offer useful practical knowledge. 

The time in which we act and the time in which our students grow up is a time of high demands in which theory only makes sense when it helps practice to be better. It is on the integration of theory and practice that we create our study programs. We have provided students and staff with the best working conditions and development. The premises of the University of Banja Luka, East Sarajevo and Bijeljina are equipped to the highest standards. The locations of our facilities are chosen in accordance with the modern and fast-paced lifestyle of our students. However, aware of the fact that material resources are important, but they are not essential when it comes to higher education institutions, we proudly emphasize our staff convinced that one university consists of its teachers. The faculty at the University of business studies are top scholars and artists, proven in various fields. In addition, we take care to be educators, who will selflessly pass on their knowledge to new generations. We see the purpose of our University's activities precisely in the fact that through teaching new generations we have the opportunity to make society better. Aware of the fact that there are more developed economies and more organized societies, but with the belief that knowledge is the only long-term sustainable competitive advantage, we are sure that the knowledge we teach our students will make them first more competitive in the labor market, and then the entire society.